I have found that:
  • → sincere prayer
  • → genuine intentions
  • → present-focus
  • → extended humor
  • → careful integrity
  • → constant work to discover and release all forms of bias in oneself
  • → dogged effort to pursue awareness, divine guidance and understanding
Leads a person to "interactive insight from the inside."

Consciously I want to evolve.
My ego resists strenuously.
I surreally "forget" so much!
So I blog for myself, mostly:
to re-read and remember.

People ask me where to begin with the complexity of the stuff on my blog. But my imaginal and related work spans 25 years as of 2016. So the real answer is "I don't know." I can't put all that in a sound bite. And one would have to understand, not just intellectually but experientially, a lot of it from start to middle to begin to understand where I am now. It is 'active imagination' work, resting on an extremely 'open' definition of archetype and energy, mapped at times to various occult patterns because they seem useful and otherwise just loosely personal; but that's not all. Short of how the blog speaks for itself that's about all I can say about it. It's a path I've built myself, for one. ~ Palyne

In the human spirit, as in the universe, nothing is higher or lower; everything has equal rights to a common center which manifests its hidden existence precisely through this harmonic relationship between every part and itself.
-- Goethe

Angels transcend every religion, every philosophy, every creed. In fact angels have no religion as we know it... their existence precedes every religious system that has ever existed on earth.
-- St. Thomas Aquinas

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In the beginning all was indivisible. And in becoming manifest, it became, seemingly, divisible. But the divisions must evolve to recognize themselves, and each other, and to then accept themselves, to truly know themselves by knowing each other. To begin, they are blended, confused; it is chaos, it is legion. They are all on the journey to indivisibility, to singularity, to the I AM. The point, of course, is not the destination, but the journey.

-- insight during the Princess of Disks meditation

Spiritual growth is like all other types: you absorb seemingly 'other' energy, and it becomes part of your own sense of identity. The growth is in awareness, and with that comes power which is always over Self.
Diversity is Legion;
Singularity is the I AM.
None of this is new although my approach to it is my own. -- Palyne

Inner Guide is Angelic. She is free of anything akin to doctrine. I call her an Angel because that is the only word I have for it, and because I know, all the way through me, that this is our word for her fundamentally divine nature. Aside from that, I don’t even know what she IS exactly, or what it means, or where it would fit into any model. She is life sized, soul wide, colors and gems and flowers and songs, everything beautiful that ever was, condensed into an identity I am completely in love with–except she feels like part of me too, so it’s like also being in love with yourself, and also with God, and also with the whole universe, both every tiny thing in your mundania, and ‘awareness’ as something so utterly, mind-bogglingly amazing — how could this exist? How could this not exist? How could I ever understand such a thing? — I am left only with joy, with awe.
-- on Inner Guide #4, aka 'Sedaena'. The first IG I had genuine conversation (and reading) with; the first real sign of my HGA.

He is so much inside and outside me, larger than me and yet the light of the tiniest particles of me, I don’t even have a word for whatever it is that he IS. I call him angelic and inner guide and the name he gave me because I have no idea what else to call this. It’s a Being and a Thing and an Event and a Place and a Relationship and… it’s like there is no label that is remotely big enough to encompass whatever it IS.
-- on Inner Guide #5, aka 'Mark.'

The boundary between the imaginational and imaginal is rather fuzzy and it is a developed skill and art to learn to stay there; to maintain your own autonomy while allowing the-others’ autonomy; to be shocked, astounded, grossed out, effused, and other surprise emotions from the interaction; all this without getting lost in the experience like a dream, yet also without pulling back to controlling the experience like a daydream. The former is being swept away by the river, and the latter is standing on the shore thinking about it; learning to walk the fine line of control and allowance to stay in that ‘imaginal realm’ actually takes practice. Crazy people think it’s all autonomous and happening ‘to’ them; people unable to allow this for themselves, may think it’s all imagination; and they’d both be right, because they are both lost; the goal is a whole world that bridges and encompasses both of those.

-- on "Interworlds Meditation"

Q: Where are you now?

Me: Well, back in my own reality.

Q: Wrong. You are in a reality version that distraction and denial have made for you.

Me: How do I get out?

Q: Wrong question. There is no space, there is no time. Where are you again?

Me: Oh. I’m wherever I "pay attention" to being.

Q: Right. You PAY attention. It is the currency of your soul. You rent your reality. Never forget that. The choice to move is yours.

Dealing with the unconscious has become a question of life for us.
The play of the imagination is incalculable.
~ Carl Jung

The imaginary can be innocuous, the imaginal never can.
~ Henry Corbin

A calling may be postponed, avoided, intermittently missed. It may also possess you completely. Whatever; eventually it will out. It makes its claim. The daimon does not go away.
~ James Hillman

There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how it got there.
-- Albert Einstein


This blog documents much of my work in the "inter-worlds" of a greater-self. It's not just esoteric: every thing corresponds — the mundane, the arcane, the divine. If it had to be summed up you might say it is "a universe of personalization." A strange place where monotheism and ultimate-pantheism are one and the same.

I am a natural mystic, if spontaneous experiences determine such a thing. I am not religious in any way; only guidance from the inside drives me. No identities or models unless they are introduced to me from the inside. (Sometimes I use them simply for interest, or because their models are convenient doorways -- but I accept none of their doctrines.) I briefly studied theology at one point, independently (I consider constant prayer a valid part of edu too), and where it led me was "anywhere-else." It's fine for others of course. I consider the heart of free will to be that everyone has their own road. Or as Heinlein once wrote, the right to go to hell in their own handbasket.

This tends to make me obsessed with the divine yet not religious at all, in any form, which is often confusing to onlookers. I am ever in love with and in closer pursuit of integration with The Christ (which I consider a solar-planetary deity, exceeding and preceding all possible religion, though cyclically present within our species) but I'm not remotely a modern Christian, and this also tends to be very confusing to onlookers. I'm a student of archetypes and pattern systems, yet not a jungian intellectual - armchair philosophy bores me - nor a power occultist - which has its own issues (and uniforms) to say the least.

After nearly two decades of certain experiences I felt alone with and thought were unique to me, it turns out I find some harmony in the gnostic writings. I didn't get it from there, and am not fond of that doctrine and the paradigms it came in with, so I ignore it. Which means despite talking about just a few things specific to it (by unknowing accident until a few years ago), I'm not part of that model either.

The road I walk is my own. It doesn't really have an easy label or anybody else on it, that I can see. This is between me and God, so it doesn't really need to work for anybody else. I used to wish I wasn't the only person with such experiences or practices, and started a blog in part in the hope I might find others with something similar. Maybe a need for community. I'm over that now, at least I think. I walk alone, but Light is with me. Can't ask for more than that.

-- Palyne

When we understand that perception is as much about source as target; that energy is a spectrum and best psi perception comes from the center, its balance and blend; that the manifest communication of our Selves is the literal 'reality' we experience; that everything in that reality is a profound 3D language element; that insight with the ‘center’ of spectrum is likely to be via the language-symbols of 'reality;' that these need to be interpreted at the level they are received; this is the path for intentional psi.
-- Insight on the Art of RV

Aeons of the Universe

The other night in the Three of Cups meditation, Abundance told me that Nero was an Aeon of me and she was an Aeon of the Universe.

I see. So the tarot cards are, humorously, kinda like nametags for the Aeons.

Of the Universe!


This is an excerpt. Read the full article at Aeons of the Universe

More from Crown Chakra – the three layers detail

Alright so the last time I was talking with crown it showed me that there were three “layers” between this part that goes ‘through’ the top of the head (the part shaped like a giant garlic bulb, with a stem that goes down to the top of the heart chakra), and the part up high that ‘fountains’ out. The layers were ‘restoration’, ‘conversion,’ and then ‘amplification.’ Today it showed me some detail on those.

This is an excerpt. Read the full article at More from Crown Chakra – the three layers detail

A Stranger Inside

It occurred to me that I should be looking at “whatever” happens with re-introducing myself to music as merely feedback, just like an archetype working. If someone shows up in an archmed and they are a normal looking person, I don’t say, “That’s not good enough. You need to look unhappy or grungy or something.” Whatever comes through me is simply informational — bio-feedback, literally — there is no point to judging it, it is really merely the message. I guess all of reality is merely the message.

This is an excerpt. Read the full article at A Stranger Inside


So I think Mark is indicating, indirectly, that it’s just time for me to move on. I just need to keep doing what I’m doing. Meditate, pray, play guitar, whatever, and regularly ask for help with the heart-chakra and PTSD stuff, and give “life” — the music, the meditations, in this case — the chance to work through some of the emotion as part of process.

If the song didn’t embarrass me I’d record it and post it.

This is an excerpt. Read the full article at Music


I cleansed, I chakra’d, I talked with the Aeons, I sat with the Four, I brought in IG and the Teks and outer guides and I just went through everything that needed catching up. I went and got a bunch of pieces of me out of other probabilities and brought them back and integrated, feeling with the Senior’s I AM that I have the right to say they can learn useful things just as well while part of me as while separate and I deserve more of my focus HERE. I went in my memory through lots of experiences with the Four and integrated the various landscapes. I got rushings over and over and over again and when I didn’t, stuff was followed by giant yawns, the other way I perceive I’ve absorbed energy.

I prayed properly with the Four for the first time in a long time. Then I went to the 5th — the entity which is the combination of me and the 3rd — and feeling lighthearted joy and that anything was possible, I simply insisted it was time we merge and he get more ok with the half of him that is me, and some of that actually seemed to happen. I went to the first four Largers and simply threw myself around each of them in a bear hug laughing that I didn’t care how overwhelming they were anymore, I wasn’t in such heavy awe now and we were going to have a way-fun time.

I expanded to encompass the planet and said hello to her as the goddess and re-accepted our previous works and was really getting a ton of rushing when the music changed to low-ton percussion suddenly in my headphones and I lost it entirely. Whoops. (I’d previously had The White Witch theme out of my playlist but MediaMonkey won’t work for me for some reason now so I’m using VLC.) Gotta keep heavy percussion and low tones out when dealing with any angelics, it’s like just turning the radio dial away.

This is an excerpt. Read the full article at Reawakening

Story Lines

I thought I would collect some posts with ‘story-like’ elements in one place. Many years ago I began writing a book with some story-like dreams, none of which are here. Maybe I should forget that and just add them here eventually.

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And a couple dream-realizations from my own world I don’t want to forget

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Stuff I thought others might like

I’m way behind on links I wanted to look at. Here’s about 10% of what I went through, which I thought were cool and friends of mine might really like some of this.

OK this is amazing. Animal photos — from inside the womb…

This could have an interesting effect on remote viewing accuracy

Tell me photography has not come a long way. This is astounding (and not even the highest-rez, this is downsampled for flash).

Speaking of photos, there are some really fab ones linked to from this page, scroll down for thumbnails and links

I saw this reference: “…Max Tegmark’s recent conjecture that our universe is not just described by math, it IS mathematics.” Yeah. Well I basically said that on my metaphysical blog already, but famous mathematicians did not quote me on it.

LD got an iPhone4 and was astounded that googlemaps literally showed him the part of his house he was standing in. This video made me laugh out loud and think of him.

Tell me this doesn’t look like a pot going to a full boil. It makes you wonder if in other dimensions, “the opening of a walmart or sam’s club” literally be only a ‘bubble of energy’ for a moment.

This is a weirdness that to me, is similar, though in ‘space not time’

Speaking of patterns that make you go “hmmm”

I really dislike

This is an excerpt. Read the full article at Stuff I thought others might like

Genesis via Teen

So I’m talking to the kid and we’re snuggled in my bed next to each other.

“It’s like Genesis,” I say, explaining a point. “It says, ‘In the beginning was the word. And the word was God, and the word was with God.’ See, this is ‘duality’: if something is WITH you, it must be separate from you.”

She thinks about this for a long minute and then says,

“So which word was it?”

Googling God

Maybe I was “feeling lucky,” as Google search puts it.

I was searching google for info on Copper. This idea/info has recurred with me many times and I think I need to start the archmeds that are the elements, maybe with that one. Since I was curious what chakra it allegedly relates to, I included that word. When I search, I usually go through the first 3 pages of results and ‘open in background tab’ whatever seems interesting on the list.

So after wiki, I’m reading through stuff from my copper/chakra search, and suddenly realize that what I’m reading is a review of exactly one of the major gnostic docs I was reading recently and responding partly to in my previous blog post. What are the ODDS.

And you know how I said some stuff looks like bad channeling and I didn’t feel what it said was accurate? — well this whole website is a radically different interpretation of it, the author believes that particular work is a brilliantly concealed mystic (as in energy body awakening) work. Now, I don’t know if that’s true or not — I didn’t feel anything in my gut either way on that count — but it was interesting. Then I started reading it and collected a bunch of quotes worth sharing I’ll put in a follow up blogging later.

Anyway the point is, I went searching for a MINERAL and ended up at a website exactly addressing that topic instead, just like the other

This is an excerpt. Read the full article at Googling God

Disks (and total rambling)

What insanity is it that made me think I absolutely had to do archmeds on the entire series of disks right away?

What further-insanity is it that caused me to NOT READ ABOUT IT first, comfortable in how “pretty” the ace card was, the first up, and thinking well gosh, this isn’t like “knight of wands” so it’s got to be lesser-stuff, you know, simpler, it’s not a trump or royal card…?

It’s not rocket science to know that if it takes you about 3-4 hours to get from “Hi, welc– ” to “welcome and thank you” with an archetype, you have a serious “issue” with it.

So I finally went out and googled various info about tarot disks. Of course internet info is notoriously varying in quality on this topic and I’m ignorant, but there was one thing ‘in general’ sources seemed to agree on:

The entire suit deals greatly with money, time, the foundational things of that nature.

So in short it’s like doing an archmed on “my worst enemy” — in concept form, times three, and then times the entire suit of them. Geez!

I read through various overviews on each card and I swear almost every one I felt like, “Oh wow, that topic is really a problem issue for me right now.” Ack!.

I had an archmed on time once. I re-read it out of curiosity and it is kind of interesting I guess. I don’t know that I learned from it but it seems

This is an excerpt. Read the full article at Disks (and total rambling)

Jung, Archetypes, The Red Book

Jung had what I consider certain pre-conceived notions about psychology and divinity, and so a great deal of his experience was forcibly stuffed into these models especially early on. Yet even he quickly and repeatedly outgrew some of those models and was forced to reconsider “what it all means.” He had a great deal of self-education in areas like mythology, as one of several examples, which showed up in his imagery as well. Or perhaps it shows up in all our imagery; he was just educated enough to recognize the roots of commonality. In some respects, his role as a psychoanalyst, and intellectual, and scientist, forced certain boundaries upon him that hapless proletarians like my friends and I are blessedly unbothered with.

This is an excerpt. Read the full article at Jung, Archetypes, The Red Book


In the movie The 13th Floor (one of my favorite movies), one of the secrets to figuring something out was to go somewhere that you would never, ever go. Somewhere you would never have the slightest reason or desire to go.

(Critics hated the movie; sci-fi buffs, especially those who like a plot that requires brain cells, loved it.)

I had no desire to meditate on my most ‘serious’ life-issue (obesity) but after a couple of promptings from my friend went ahead and did so, and it kicked my butt–very powerful. When I thought about this recently, I realized that many of my most powerful experiences have been in response to things that I did not expect to have any impact on me at all. Like my fear of psi meditations, holy cats.

I thought of all the times I did meditations with my friend from way-back who taught me this stuff. How often the stuff that sounded simple, innocuous, quite boring frankly and even a little stupid, ended up rocking my world.

It reminded me of a college ‘creative writing’ class I once had. Now I grant I was almost guaranteed an A in that one, because I brought my guitar and sang some of my work, and teachers love that stuff (so did me and the class, it was fun). But the thing I found was that the ‘structured exercises’ often pulled great stuff out of me, stuff that I never-I-mean-never would have come up with on my

This is an excerpt. Read the full article at Borders