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Palyne "PJ" Gaenir
Ozarks USA

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The very few websites with which I am still involved:

Russell Targ
Dr. Charles T. Tart Home Page and Virtual Library
Lisa Aschmann's Songwriting Ideas
The End of Suffering
LD's Serious Kilowatt Blog
Joseph and Nancy McMoneagle Blog
Dr. Charles T. Tart Blog
Ten Thousand Roads (TKR) Remote Viewing Project Forum
TKR at the Dojo Psi (Hands-On Remote Viewing)
Panopticon Livecam Remote Viewing Utility
The Dojo Psi
Dojo Psi Remote Viewing Library
The Firedocs Collections
Firedocs Remote Viewing Collection (Static Archive)
My "jungian/shamanic" blog Psiche (sometimes updated)
My "misc. esoteric" blog Red Cairo (annually, maybe)
My "collective" blog Palyne (inactive)
My Blogger "health" blog The Divine Low Carb (annually, maybe)
My Blogger "lifting" blog Tomboy Tough (inactive)
My Blogger "garden" blog The 8-Cat Garden (inactive)
Sites I still recommend though I haven't had any involvement in eons:
Dr. Alan C. Elms (Ulmus)
Dr. Joseph Felser (Everything Tries To Be Round)
Esalen Research Center
Parapsychology Foundation
and barely had any in these, but I like them:
Dr. Jessica Utts parapsychology papers (several papers html'd)
James Spottiswoode Research Library (this page is all that's left)

I took a remote corporate job in December 2004 and have in general divested myself of dynamic dev, graphic design and other webwork since that time, except for occasional volunteer work such as for projects at the Dojo Psi.